Tourists Want To Be Possessed and Haunted?

Beats me why anyone would want to dress up in frightening costumes and enter into a house, hoping to run into a disturbed spirit that they cannot strike or gun down in self-defense to escape. It has always amazed me how millions around the Halloween holiday seek haunted houses to toy with the idea of possibly being possessed. While many Americans are stressed with paying bills, taxes, and putting food on the table, the last thing anyone needs in today’s economic climate is a demonic spirit jumping into their body. Life is hard enough. Those with more time on their hands, however, actually travel the globe in search of being haunted.


In doing my research of mystical locations, I stumbled across a place called Baguio City nestled in the Philippines. When I think of the Philippines, I imagine turquoise waters, palm trees, and beautiful, exotic people inviting me to a delicious feast they spent all day preparing. Baguio City has quite a few spots where tourists love to visit in hopes of seeing dead people walking around. The Diplomat Hotel on Dominican Road, White House on Otek Street, Teachers’ Camp, a vacant lot on South Drive, a road called Loakan that has a haunted pine tree and a cemetery, and then finally the Laperal House on North Drive where tourists have seen headless nuns and priests walking the grounds. The White House and the Laperal House were reportedly demolished to build a museum and a Chinese restaurant. The thought of a priest walking by my table without a head while I am eating my gong boa chicken just does not thrill me in the least.


The haunted tree is said to have a Caucasian woman lurking around searching for a man. Once she sets her eyes on the lucky motorists passing by, she stalks him. The spirit, also known as the “white lady”, comes from behind the tree that stands in the middle of the road. There are some people who cannot shake a real, live stalker. Imagine a stalker who could fly, walk through walls, and vanish within seconds. This would be a man’s worst nightmare come to life.


As if Baguio City was not interesting enough with its many different mystical locations, the city goes all out for the Halloween holiday. The residents come dressed for the parade as the scariest character they can think of. The Subic Bay Freeport in Olongapo City hosts a fright night where the residents come dressed as zombie mermaids. And then there is the Undas which pays homage to the family and friends who have passed. The people of this intriguing island take surviving family members out to the cemetery to pay their respects to deceased parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Note to my family, I would prefer that you not bring a feast to lay upon my grave. I cannot eat it.


Mystical places will always send chills up my spine. Sightings that cannot be explained and stories passed down from generation to generation are fascinating. As much as tales of headless nuns is entertaining, I personally would not know what I would say after the encounter. I do know that I would leave…immediately.