Spiritual Destinations The Whole Family Will Enjoy

Gorgeous Crater lake on a summer day

It’s time for another family fun vacation and you are tired of doing the same old thing. You want a way to bring you family together and make memories with new and exciting experiences. Something that you will talk about for years with your family. A way to connect with each other again and not just our electronic devices.

Time to slow things down and get back to nature. So what better way than to take your family to a historical and spiritual destination. Something that will educate your children and make them ask questions while they explore. Knowing where to go for such a vacation may be difficult.

We have done the hard work for you and compiled some of the most highly recommended places that will provide your family with an unforgettable experience. So start booking flights and putting those vacation requests in.

Crater Lake National Park

This beautiful landmark has been said to be one of the most beautiful places on Earth. The crystal clear water so blue it looks fake. This crater was created by the eruption of the now dormant volcano Mount Mazama. So much ash and pumice went flying into the air the summit of the volcano collapsed. Creating over time what is now Crater Lake. Mount Mazama is one of the chain of volcanoes including Mount St. Helen. The legend of the Klamath Tribe of Oregon say that the lake was the scene of a battle between the Chief of Above World and The Chief of the Below World. Enjoy the beautiful scenery with your family and enjoy the tribes legends.

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Australia

This breathtaking view has been said to be home to the spirits of the Pitjantjatjara Aboriginal tribe of the Anangu people. The land is owned by the Anangu and leased by the government for recreational park services. Come bring the family to view the beautiful bright red six mile around sandstone flat-topped rock. Standing at 1,100 feet tall it’s a wonderful place for tourists and locals to check out.

Vortexes Arizona

Located in Sedona, Arizona it is believed the vortexes here have healing powers. The kinetic energy that sits in these vortexes attracts viewers from all over the world. Many people say they are able to feel the energy while visiting any one of the four locations in Sedona. The Native American Yavapai in ancient times celebrated these centers and had scared dwellings and places of worship. They even painted petroglyphs on the walls of rocks. Today you can hike and come endure power of the vortexes. Sure to be a spot the whole family will enjoy.


Glastonbury Tor, England

This famous and enchanting location will give you and your family a beautiful view along with some historical knowledge. Located in Somerset, England this hill is said to empower a magical connection. Ancient Celtic civilizations believe that is in the entrance to the home of the King of Fairies or Lord of the Underworld or also known as Gwyn ap Nudd. It was held for ceremonial purposes according to the pagans. In the 12th centuries stories say that it was the burial place of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere. The 15th century church of St. Michael sits at the top of the hill. Visitors describe their visit has a positive one. Feeling that there is some sort of spiritual energy at place there. While in England it is a must to come view this historical landmark.


These are just some of the many places that your family will love and appreciate. Hopefully leaving with a more deeper and spiritual connection. So go ahead and pack your bags. Your journey awaits.