Several Mystical and Fun Destinations to Visit Around the World

Glastonbury Tor

Some people travel for a wide range of reasons. Many people travel to other destinations in the world to get a good suntan. However, there are others that visit destinations for the mystique and fun, going beyond the nice beaches and resorts. Are you yearning for some adventure? Do you want to experience something different? Well, these fun and mystical destinations around the world will give you more travel choices. Indulge yourself below.

Glastonbury Tor

There are two distinct reasons to travel to Glastonbury. This is especially fun if you are into music. If you are not, then you have to be a grail fanatic. However, even if you are neither a music enthusiast or grail fanatic, you can still enjoy the Arthurian legend at the bottom of the Tor, beside Chalice Well with the water being of a red color. Many think that this location is significant to where the chalice was placed by Joseph of Arimathea and that the well contained the blood of Jesus Christ. There are travelers that believe the water in the Chalice Well has healing powers. So no matter your reason for traveling to this destination, for curiosity or faith you will be mystified during the entire travel.

Mount Sinai

Many believers of the Abrahamic religions are of the assumption and belief that Mount Sinai is a spiritual place. Why? They think this is the location where that the Ten Commandments was received by Moses. Whether this is true or not, the location has a lot to offer travelers seeking spiritual wisdom. The most ancient monastery there is the St. Catherine, which is the oldest in the world. The summit location in Mount Sinai is graced with a Greek Orthodox chapel and a mosque. People go there to receive spiritual energy from the confines of the walls. On a moonlit night, you can welcome the challenge of climbing Mount Sinai Mountain and experience the beautiful sunrise as it comes up in the morning. Many say that the experience awakens the spiritual senses.

Machu Picchu

Many travelers know Machu Picchu because it was discovered by accident from archeological efforts. As people begin to travel there, the intrigue of this place has further deepened the imagination of many. This location is not very far from Cusco, but yet, the Spaniards that ruled during the medieval period were unable to discover it. Some mistakenly consider it the Lost City of the Incas because of that same reason. The location is mountainous and cannot be seen when you are below the mountain. This only added to the mystery of Machu Picchu. Once the location was discovered, many scholars visited the location to understand the reason for its existence. However, they were unable to unravel the mystique. Many people think of this location as a royal retreat. Some thought that it was a thriving settlement abandoned by the Spaniards during one of their conquest.

In all of these places, you can experience a phenomenon that you wouldn’t otherwise have been aware of. You don’t have to be of a particular religion to be spiritually rejuvenated and find peace in these locations.