Psychic Healing Destinations in the U.S.



For people suffering from chronic illnesses, or mental, emotional, or spiritual turbulation, there are a few “hotspots” in America that are said to be a kind of psychic refuge. Believers in psychic healing flock to these destinations, but even people who favor science over mysticism often frequent these places; figuring it couldn’t hurt.

Whether or not these U.S. destinations are actually psychically healing havens, they offer comfort to people seeking relief, and at the very least they’re fun and interesting places to visit!


   1. Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp



Nestled in a tiny central Florida town, the Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp is actually one of the most visited psychic destinations in the world. Probably because it’s entirely populated by psychics.

It was founded by psychic leader George P. Colby, and has grown to include its own hotel, a memorial temple, and a healing center that’s become one of the most popular places for people seeking psychic and natural healing.


  1. Sedona Vortex


Vortexes are highly desired phenomenon in the spiritualist and psychic communities, and this vortex located in Arizona is regarded to be one of the most sacred. The Sedona Red Rocks are also one of the most lovely natural features of the Arizona desert, so their purported psychic healing benefits are just an added bonus.

The Sedona vortex is supposed to be a psychically healing spot, but it’s also said to enhance your own personal psychic healing powers and spiritual awareness so that you can pass on the good vibes to others long after you leave.


  1. Lily Dale


Founded in the 1800s, Lily Dale is home to an overwhelming number of self-proclaimed psychics. They estimate that over a fourth of the population in Lily Dale has psychic abilities; healing among them.

This New York community also boasts a psychic and medium training program, so that anyone looking to boost their own psychic abilities can learn how to channel their inner energies. They offer many classes on natural healing, as well. It must be doing something for the residents, since the number of psychics in Lily Dale is still on the rise!


  1. El Santuario de Chimayo Shrine


The story goes that in 1810, a Chimayo friar saw a mysterious light in the distance. When he went to the spot, he dug where he saw the light emanating from the earth. He found a crucifix, and the crucifix proceeded to perform a series of impossible feats; disappearing and reappearing back into its original hole in the ground. They decided to stop moving the crucifix, and simply build a chapel on top of where it wanted to rest.

The chapel and surrounding mission that were built around the site over the years is known as the “Lourdes of America.” People flock to El Santuario de Chimayo to pray, be healed, and experience spiritual awakenings.

Do these psychic healing destinations actually cure people? Who knows. But they draw hundreds of pilgrims every year, and people walk away happier and supposedly healthier. So who’s to say it wasn’t due to the psychic healing benefits? It’s an excuse for a road trip, and any excuse for a road trip and adventure is a good one!