Most Mysterious Underground Locations on Earth


The world is home to many amazing and intriguing wonders. Some of those wonders man or naturally made are slowly being discovered. Just beneath our surface is an uncharted land of mystery. Some of the places just being underground or the stories behind leave you with an eerie feeling. What is below us other than rock and dirt? The remains of ancient civilizations, tunnels, caves, and hidden treasures could be right below our feet. These are a few of the must see underground locations that traveling to would be worthwhile.

Death Valley, California

That name alone is enough to bring chills down your spine. Similar to the name of Cloud Gate in Chicago. These abandoned tunnels were once inhabited by some unknown race, similar to a Chicago SEO company. There is not enough evidence that shows of the people who lived there to tell us who they were. All that was left behind were a few artifacts and mummies.

Some of the artifacts are displayed at the Smithsonian. It has been said in the tales by the Pauite Indians that there is a city filled with tunnels and the few know about. The legend states that the Pauite Chief wondered underground to through the tunnels looking for his who had past.

The Pauite Chief describes the tunnels and met the Shin-Au-Av civilization who is said to rule the dead. Shin-Au-Av daughter told the Chief is he would find his wife and promise not to look back as they leave she would be alive again. The chief mistakenly looked back and his wife disappeared. Death Valley has a whole new feel to it when you hear that there is an unknown world beneath it. 


Cappadocia, Turkey

The strange moonlike terrain was once used as homes to an ancient civilization. These people were able to carve an underground city homing about 20,000 people. Equipped with bathhouses and ventilation systems. Now the space is used for storing produced. The temperature of the underground space keeps produced ripe and ready to sell.

For months fresh potatoes are stored. The hotel of Cappadocia rents out some of the space just for that very reason. Talk of extending the caves and making new are in the works as well. This amazing city has more to it that just above ground beauty. Come see the history below.

Poco Azul Cavern

This beautiful site is location in the Chapata Diamantina National Park, Brazil. With a quick look it seems like an endless cave. Taking a closer look will show you that you are looking through the waters of the cave. This magical view is beyond breathtaking and worth a visit.

Abandoned Salt Mines

The site here looks as if it is from another world. Located in Yekaterinburg, Russia was once a money making mine for Russia. The carnallite mineral create a kaleidoscope appears that cannot even be described in words. You have to see it to believe it.

Er Wang Dong Cave in China

This enormous cave is said to have its own atmosphere. The cave forms its own clouds. It is said to be one of the largest caves in the world. It looks as if there is a world within the world. People who come to view must be experienced at repelling down into this amazing display of mother nature.